Spot Factoring Invoices: A Smarter Alternative to Short-Term High-Interest Loans for MWDBEs

11:13 13 February in Blog, Broker Resources

When money is tight and banks have a reduced appetite for risk, small businesses, particularly Minority/Women-owned Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (MWDBEs), have fewer options for financing. MWDBEs are an underserved market for financing even under normal circumstances. Short-term credit crunches can force these business owners to seek...

Why Factoring Companies Verify Invoices

15:28 30 January in Blog

If you are a business owner who needs to improve your cash flow, you may have considered invoice factoring as a business funding option.  With invoice factoring, a factoring company agrees to purchase your unpaid accounts receivable and pays you a percentage of the invoice...

New Developments in the World of Secured Lending Due Diligence

23:31 30 October in Blog

The due diligence process is an essential component of secured lending. It is one of the most significant preliminary steps before proceeding with any business transaction and identifies potential risks and opportunities, ensuring it is beneficial to all parties involved.  The secured lending industry is...

Understanding the Typical Types of Factoring

09:13 26 September in Blog, Business Funding

Accounts receivable factoring, aka invoice factoring, is a financial tool used by small and medium-sized businesses to help them maintain steady cash flow. Businesses convert their outstanding company invoices to immediate cash flow through a third-party financial intermediary known as a factoring company (“factor”).  Factors fund...

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