Green and Renewable Energy Invoice Factoring


Unlock funding for your sustainable energy projects with invoice factoring. Capstone understands the financial components and risks associated with project financing and is focused on providing capital to support our client’s green energy goals.

That’s Where Capstone’s Invoice Factoring Comes In.

  • Easy
  • Immediate
  • Flexible

Contractors and subcontractors working on green and renewable energy projects often feel a cash flow pinch due to the lengthy time it often takes to procure materials, install them and get paid for completed work.

In addition, many alternative energy companies that sponsor renewable energy projects are fairly new to the market and can struggle to get business loans or other traditional forms of financing. In many cases, this limits the ability to take on additional work and establish credit.

Invoice factoring is a great way for contractors and subcontractors to get paid fast so they can better manage their supply chain, operating expenses and cash flow. Rather than resorting to debt financing, raising equity, or jumping through hoops for business loans in a volatile economy, contractors and subcontractors can convert invoices into cash quickly using factoring for sustainability projects.

Invoice Factoring for Green and Renewable Energy Companies

Invoice factoring enables businesses to monetize their accounts receivable as soon as invoices are generated instead of waiting for their customers to pay their invoices. Contractors and subcontractors get paid right away while transferring the credit risk of collections to Capstone. This helps businesses accelerate their working capital.

Invoice factoring is available for alternative and renewable energy projects, including:

  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Fuel cells
  • Hydroelectric
  • And more.

Factoring can be used to finance the supply chain, construction, installation, servicing, and any combination of these as it relates to alternative energy projects.

The Benefits of Business Funding

Capstone offers a variety of funding solutions to businesses for fast capital infusions, including invoice factoring, trade financing, and PO financing. When you work with the experts at Capstone, you can:

  • Quickly improve your cash flow or cash reserves
  • Take on projects you might otherwise have to turn down
  • Fund equipment purchases or leases for new projects
  • Invest in research or development of alternative energy solutions
  • Pay overhead, payroll, and operational expenses without worry
  • Secure business funding without showing a liability on your balance sheet like a loan
  • Outsource your credit and receivables collection process
  • Work with more clients simultaneously with increased cash flow

Single Invoice Factoring

Capstone offers single invoice (“spot”) factoring for clients that do not require a multi-year contract. This allows you to sell only those invoices you want with no obligation to sell a minimum number of invoices.

Single invoice factoring allows you to pick and choose which invoices to sell when you need working capital. For example, many green energy companies find they need cash to buy equipment or materials at the start of new projects. Single invoice factoring gets you the funding you need to get started.

Once projects are complete, you can either continue to use invoice factoring on a regular or spot basis as you choose.

How it Works

  1. 1You submit an invoice/ progress payment on work that has been completed

  2. 2The invoice is verified with your client

  3. 3Capstone provides immediate funds

  4. 4Your client remits payment within their payment terms which is typically 30 to 60 days

  5. 5Capstone issues a rebate for the remaining reserve balance, less the factoring fee

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Discount Factoring

For companies that need ongoing invoice factoring, Capstone also provides discount factoring services using accounts receivable assets as collateral. Typically, Capstone will purchase each invoice and then provide working capital advances, holding a small portion of the invoice amount in reserve. Capstone handles the collections process. When your client pays the full amount, the reserve is released to you, less a small commission.

Low Fees

Capstone will manage the process and collections on invoices, but we are not a collections agency. Collection agencies can charge as much as 25% to 50% of the amount they get from chasing debts. We charge only a small commission against the face value of the invoice amount in exchange for taking on the credit risk.  There are no extra fees to help you collect on your invoices, it’s all included in our factoring fees.

Deciding if Business Funding Through Capstone is Right for You

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Is your working capital strained due to credit limits or supplier credit lines?
  • Do you have limited access to traditional credit due to being new or having a limited track record?
  • Do you need cash now to capitalize on new projects or a growth opportunity?
  • Are you losing business because you don’t have sufficient working capital?
  • Do you need a better way to manage your cash flow and working capital?
  • Are you wasting time and money on administrative tasks like billing and collecting?

For these reasons and more, green and alternative energy companies turn to Capstone. 

Invoice factoring can be a more convenient alternative to other types of third-party funding sources that typically structure green energy project finance through debt financing or by raising equity.  Capstone has provided its clients, from many diverse industries, with funding for their green and renewable energy initiatives and can tailor a program for your sustainability project. 

Download: Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act – Contract Opportunities and Funding Analysis

Capstone wants your business to take full advantage of the opportunities (or use projects) available through the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act recently signed into law.



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