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Headquartered in New York City, Capstone is a private finance company focused on accelerating client cash flow.

We provide client-specific solutions through Factoring Services, Purchase Order (PO) Financing, and Domestic and International Trade Financing. Our services offer results to construction trades, service companies, and wholesalers.

Combining client assets and resources with our advanced logistics platform, Capstone provides customer outcomes through the following:

Capstone Corporate Funding, LLC specializes in Single Invoice Factoring ( “Spot Factoring” ) for firms in need of immediate cash. Spot Factoring provides flexible, no-contract invoice selling in exchange for working capital from Capstone Corporate Funding.

Capstone Corporate Funding, LLC also provides Trade Financing, PO Financing, and short-term, asset-supported loans for clients. Capstone Corporate Funding delivers guaranteed bank payment instruments to global manufacturers and suppliers. In exchange, we promise distribution of presold merchandise to its clients.


Capstone’s mission is to provide vital capital resources, services, and management to help expanding businesses achieve financial prosperity and peace of mind.

Capstone seeks to fund under-capitalized, competent businesses to sustain sales growth, preserve capital and ensure business goals are realized.

capstone about us
capstone about us


With more than 100 years of combined business and investment expertise, clients can rely on Capstone’s management team for reliable and proficient asset, capital, and legal management.

Capstone’s management has extensive experience in construction and financial services specializing in Factoring and Trade and PO Financing. Our management team’s vast know-how and unique blend of skills serves to sustain our clients’ ever-changing needs.


Capstone values Referral Sources and the relationships shared with their clients. We offer personalized credit solutions to Brokers and their clients to ensure prompt, flexible, and innovative services.

Capstone also welcomes new referrals from Referral Sources. We boast a wide network of commercial and Investment Bankers, insurance and transaction Referral Sources, Turnaround Management Professionals, Attorneys, and Accountants.

Capstone helps Referral Sources successfully close deals and fund the growth of clients’ businesses.

For more information, visit our broker and referral program or our broker resources.

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