White Paper: Funding the Cyclical Business – Post Pandemic

10:56 15 December in Blog, White Papers

The Dodd-Frank banking regulations are now eleven years old and have been fully implemented by the government regulators. The impact of Dodd-Frank on the small business community, as we predicted in 2014 and 2018, has significantly reduced the amount of bank lending to small business owners. Small business loans from banks are only made available in small amounts assuming that the borrower is willing to pledge all of their business and personal assets to the bank. These loans generally range from $50,000 to several hundred thousand dollars and are highly dependent on the quality and value of the small business owner’s balance sheet. Loans of this size are generally sufficient for small businesses to maintain their existing operations, but during times of growth or expansion, these businesses will find these facilities lacking very quickly.

The small business lending void created by Dodd-Frank has been filled by third-party hedge funds and commercial finance companies like Capstone. These multi-billion-dollar hedge funds tend to lend to smaller business
lenders who can aggregate and service a portfolio of small business loans and direct lending to larger operating companies where the loan size can be $50,000,000 or higher.


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White Paper: Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act – Contract Opportunities and Funding Analysis

12:54 30 November in Blog, White Papers

Capstone has created this white paper to assist our clients and associates to benefit from the types of projects that have been authorized by the Infrastructure and Jobs Act (IIJA) which was signed by President Biden on November 15, 2021.

Since the IIJA passed the Senate in July, many of our clients have been receiving contacts from general contractors who are approved, federal contractors. Their excitement about these opportunities, after having suffered through a difficult business environment as a result of COVID-19, faded as delays in getting the IIJA approved by the House stretched from weeks to months. Now that it has been signed into law, our clients and associates need to understand what spending has been approved and how that funding may create contract opportunities for their businesses.

Unlike the last major infrastructure projects funded during the Obama Administration, the Biden Administration has pledged that IIJA funding will actually go towards much-needed infrastructure, including roads and bridges, highways, trucking, pipelines, hazardous materials handling, broadband, modernization of public transportation, the power grid, water systems, and environmental remediation.

As you read this white paper you will see the allocation of dollars by state and by the categories listed above. We urge our readers to avail themselves of the opportunities that the IIJA creates.

We expect funding to trickle down into contract authorizations by the end of February 2022 to the middle of March.

Capstone is hopeful that this brief summary of the IIJA will allow you to take advantage of the opportunities presented to rebuild your business or expand it further.

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Available for Immediate Download: Payment Protection Program Loan Forgiveness Guide

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Every business in the United States faced some form of setback during the COVID-19 forcing shutdowns and slowdowns. In response, millions of business owners were forced to seek out additional sources of capital. Fortunately, the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) was available to millions of small businesses.

The Paycheck Protection Program launched with some confusion about how to apply, what the criteria was, and how the loans would eventually be forgiven. For this reason, many business owners are still uncertain about the process necessary to turn these loans into grants.

For those who took out loans under the PPP including those in construction, manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, and transportation and warehousing now have to be ready for their next big challenge — applying for loan forgiveness.

Some who were able to successfully borrow money under this program, there were also several changes meant to make it easier for businesses to use the program. This also meant that those businesses who obtained funds during the initial funding windows may not be aware of what steps they have to take to ensure their loans are “turned” into grants instead.

The 24-week period for applying for the forgiveness of the loans is quickly approaching for most businesses.

To help business owners — including tribal businesses, those who were self-employed, independent contractors, nonprofits which met specific criteria and more — navigate the unprecedented challenges you are facing, download our white paper, Payment Protection Program: Loans Forgiveness which will help guide you through the process to make sure you are fully prepared for the future.

Available For Immediate Download: Restarting Your Business After COVID-19 Mandatory Shutdown

09:27 18 September in Blog, White Papers

The last thing you need is to have your business collapse after working tirelessly during these lockdowns to stay prepared. Now that you are ready to reopen, you want to make sure you are prepared for any challenges that may come your way.

Capstone Capital Group, LLC wants to help you make sure your planning is flawless, which is why we are offering this free guide to help you get back to business on a sound financial footing.

This guide provides you with the tools to:

  • Assess the state of your business and customers
  • Plan a strategy that will keep your business on course for success
  • Implement your strategy through a series of steps 

All of this is meant to guide your business and your customers through the challenges of restarting your business in this post-COVID world.

Download this free guide now and get access to our limited monthly newsletter to which thousands of professionals rely on for an in-depth monthly analysis of the state of the North American Business Finance Industry.

Download: Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act – Contract Opportunities and Funding Analysis

Capstone wants your business to take full advantage of the opportunities (or use projects) available through the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act recently signed into law.



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