Strategies to Offset Factoring Costs

15:56 25 August in Blog by Capstone

Small and medium-sized businesses turn to invoice factoring as a way to manage their cash flow.  The ability to obtain immediate cash, instead of waiting 60+ days for their customer to pay an invoice helps business owners fund operations, pay employees, purchase materials and supplies,...

Reverse Factoring and Supply Chain Finance

14:17 14 August in Blog, Broker Resources by Capstone

Businesses, large and small, will face cash flow problems at one point or another within their supply chains. Sufficient financing options for these businesses are increasingly difficult to come by as supply chains continue to become increasingly complex and evolve in the wake of tighter...

How to Perform a Cash Flow Analysis for Your Business

12:55 01 August in Blog by Capstone

Cash flow is the lifeblood for any business. It is needed to sustain operations, meet financial obligations, pay employees, maintain adequate inventory levels, and enable growth.  Generally, revenues and profits will not coincide with cash inflows and outflows meaning that a business can be profitable;...

Why Factor Companies Will Request Bank Statements From Their Clients

11:37 31 May in Blog by Capstone

When applying for business funding, you’ll need to provide supporting documentation as part of the application and due diligence process no matter the type of financing. One item lenders and alternative funding sources, such as factoring companies, will request is your company bank statements.  Bank statements...

The Role of a Notice of Assignment in Invoice Factoring

12:25 27 April in Blog by Capstone

When using invoice factoring, you sell and assign the rights, title, and interest in your accounts receivable to a factoring company. The rights you assign include the right to receive payment for the accounts receivable. A Notice of Assignment is a document that is used...

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