Capstone Announces Website Upgrades to Improve the Customer Experience – Press Release

Capstone, a private finance company with a focus on accelerating its client’s cash flow, recently announced several redesigns to their website that will improve the user experience of clients, referral partners, and other website visitors. offers funding solutions through factoring, purchase order financing, and both domestic and international trade financing. They focus these financing solutions in an effort to meet the unique needs of service, wholesale, manufacturing, distribution, supply, and construction companies. Capstone works directly with a growing base of clients and with referral partners including brokers, banks, and other financial professionals.

The new website features give clients convenient options to apply for new funding as well as providing industry-specific financial resources. In a continued effort to educate current and prospective customers, Capstone has also enhanced its informational content to include case studies and White Papers on current economic trends that affect business funding. In addition, design updates to service pages improve the user experience, enhance website navigation, and provide all of the information about various funding options in one place. According to Capstone, the website updates will improve functionality and usability for current clients and help all business owners find the best funding options for their needs.

Located in New York City, Capstone management has over a century worth of combined expertise in business and investments. In particular, Capstone management team possesses unique expertise in financial services and construction-related transactions. They specialize in factoring, trade, and purchase order financing. Other Capstone services include funding for music royalties, staffing companies, and a diverse lending program for minority-owned businesses. In addition to funding a broad range of clients in various industries, Capstone takes an innovative approach that serves their client’s diverse and evolving needs under all sorts of economic conditions.

For more information, visit Capstone at or call (212) 755-3636.

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