Bringing Manufacturing Jobs Back Requires Investment

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Buying American made goods is becoming popular again across the country, however, finding them isn’t always easy. For manufacturers intent on capitalizing on the rising trend and filling the need, reshoring is often necessary. But reshoring isn’t easy—or cheap. Thankfully, private financing companies are helping fill the funding gaps.

The Hidden Costs of American Manufacturing

For companies interested in relocating more of their manufacturing activities to the U.S., whether to capitalize on the Made in the USA trend or to reduce production and shipping times, there are some issues that must be planned for adequately. In addition to the financial costs of moving or purchasing equipment, leasing new space, and hiring staff, it can also take a while to find adequately trained employees, increasing the length of time it will take to get a plant up and running.

To date, those companies that have been able to reshore more easily are those who have an established network of U.S. suppliers and have found that their production activities have been simplified thanks to the move. Companies that require skill sets that have experienced a talent shortage in the U.S. will either need to first locate schools that continue to train in those skill sets or a pool of individuals with interest in being trained in those skill sets. The textile industry and other industries that offshored their activities decades ago are hardest hit by this talent shortage.

With the added expense of either comprehensive talent searches or additional training, many companies are still looking at reshoring. Ensuring there is enough cash flow to find the right staff with the right skill set or to purchase the appropriate equipment can be difficult, however.

Smaller Firms Hardest Hit by Move

According to a 2016 survey by AlixPartners LLP, almost 70% of European and U.S. manufacturers and distributors are considering relocating their production operations closer to home. Even those companies that have limited funds for moving (primarily, smaller firms) are interested in reshoring. For these smaller firms, however, it is imperative that the move be successful and that all possibilities are planned for and properly executed upon. Their smaller budgets require strict budgeting and thorough researching of the talent pool. These firms can be helped by discussing their needs with a private business funding company.

Financing Manufacturing Activities

While bank lending activity remains low in spite of a healthy economy, other financing options prove promising for manufacturers in need of cash flow. Purchase order financing and factoring continue to provide manufacturers with the capital they need to sustain and grow their businesses. Partnering with a reputable private financing company such as Capstone Corporate Funding gives manufacturers the ability to actively craft their futures and plan for better, more efficient production methods.

If you’re thinking of reshoring and are interested in how PO financing or factoring work, consulting with a trained specialist at Capstone Corporate Funding should be your next step. Give us a call or visit or website to learn more.

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