Keeping up the Pace: Embracing changes in technology in order to stay relevant in a digital marketplace

19:55 10 July in Blog
Is your company keeping pace with new innovation and technology?  If the answer is no, it is likely your company will not last very long.  In order to survive in a digital society, companies must embrace and keep pace with changes in innovation and technology.  According to some experts, keeping pace with change means testing new ideas and building new businesses within your organizations, as well as being aware that all media is social. 
Investing in IT and technology infrastructure, in addition to marketing expansion and new ventures is key to a company’s growth during uncertain economic times.  According to Futurist Jim Carroll, the top 10% of companies who survived and thrived during the “Great Recession” of 2007-2009, did so by specifically deciding to make bold moves to invest in world-class innovation, despite economic uncertainty. 
Soraya Darabi, Co-Founder of Zady and Social Entrepreneur gives five reasons why a company should embrace new media and technology.  The first reason is that understanding innovation as it evolves keeps your company relevant.  Darabi adds that not understanding innovation as it evolves makes your company irrelevant.  Next, Darabi states that by embracing new media and technology, companies create positive brand awareness.  Additionally, a company that evolves technologically will have a better ability to reach new audiences and new demographics.  There is also an opportunity for companies to generate additional revenue by utilizing smartphone app technology. 
As you can see, by investing in technology and new media, a company will have the ability to remain nimble, grow and ultimately succeed in a digital economic climate that shows no signs of slowing down. 
Capstone Capital Group, LLC wants to help your business succeed by getting you the investment capital you need to help your business grow and continue to stay relevant.  Capstone Capital Group, LLC specializes in Single Invoice Factoring (“Spot Factoring”), purchase order factoring for firms in need of immediate cash. Spot Factoring provides flexible, no contract invoice selling in exchange for working capital from Capstone Capital Group.

Executing Your Goals and the Importance of Human Capital

20:00 16 January in Blog

It is mid January which means you have settled in on your Goals for 2014 and are reviewing them twice daily.  By now, you should be getting great ideas when you least expect them.  From experience, when engaged in non-work-related activities, the best ideas come to one’s mind.  It is important to write these ideas down and develop them so when you get to the office you can place them on your to-do list. You will then be able to focus on how to implement the ideas or discuss them with your staff or peers to determine their viability.  Unfortunately, not every great idea you will come up with will be relevant or successful idea to implement in attaining your goals.  Nevertheless, keep track of these perils of thought and use the ones that are in line with the attainment of your goals.
You should have also identified your Business Funding Sources whether they are a combination of Debt and Equity, equity or debt.  This foundation is essential so you can increase work schedules or contracts as the start dates begin without worry on how you will finance them or the Growth of Your Business.
What we haven’t discussed yet is how you Multiply Yourself to ensure that your execution tactic does not fail during this period of expansion.  You will need a few key employees that have experience in your industry.  Where do you find affordable talent in your industry with significant experience that can help multiply your time?  There are scores of underemployed veterans and baby boomers.  Because of the uneven economy many people are still looking for work.  The first place to look is a Temp Agency that handles this type of job candidate. 
Hiring a temp may seem a bit more expensive at first but what they allow you to do is try out the employee for a period of time.  If you like their performance and fit in the culture of your organization you can hire the individual full-time for a small fee to the temp agency.  You should have earned enough to cover the employee’s placement fee by the time you have to pay the fee for hiring them.  The temp agency will also allow you to layoff the employee if the job comes to an end and you do not have work for the individual.  This is a great way to incrementally add to your staff without creating long-term excessive overhead.  If you select the correct temp agencies you will have a very well qualified group of candidates to select from.
It is important to surround yourself with the people you need to run your organization successfully.  While Human Capital isn’t something you can show on your balance sheet, it is an extremely important asset to the long-term sustainability of your company.

Are You Better Off Today Than You Were A Year Ago?

20:00 20 December in Blog
Now is the time, as business slows down for the holidays, to evaluate what you have and have not accomplished in 2013 and why.  In most cases if you failed to set goals or write them down you probably are not where you thought you would be right now.
I have been a goal setter since I was in college and the military but setting a goal is not enough.  Writing them down and focusing on them every day is the only way to achieve them.  There is an old saying: “if you are not pursuing your goals you are probably pursuing someone else’s.”
From experience, I set three categories of goals: business, personal and social.  For my business goals I write specific things I want to accomplish for the companies I am responsible for.  For my personal goals, I list things I want to accomplish that will make me a better person or more accomplished.  Personal goals may include learning a second language, learning how to play an instrument, gaining a professional license of some kind, etc.  For social goals, I focus on how I can help people either by donating time, money or both to causes I feel strongly about.
I write down goals in each category and place them in two picture frames on the vanity in my bathroom.  Positioning my goals in my bathroom forces me to see them at least twice a day; when I wake up in the morning and before I go to bed at night.  When I leave for the office my goals are clear and in my head and when I go to bed they are on my mind. 
It is very easy to get distracted from pursuing your goals unless you write them down.  How many times have you looked at your smart phone on your way to work to realize that your day is not going as planned?  If you are in management your job is to solve problems.  Problems are the biggest distracters of achieving your goals.  They force you off track in some cases and delay your plans.  However, I have found that sometimes problems create opportunities and often the opportunity is masked by the problem.  If your goals are on your mind then you will have an easier time at recognizing opportunity when facing problems.  In most cases you can position yourself to move closer to your goal as you solve the problem.
I am sure you have heard the expression “How do you eat an elephant?” with the answer “one bite at a time.”  Most people who set goals get disappointed when they do not achieve their goals in a short time frame and abandon their quest immediately thereafter.  The most common form of this is the New Year’s resolution.  By the end of January many people have stopped pursuing their goals.
Often times you stop pursuing your goals because the goal you have set may be too large for the timeframe you have given yourself to achieve it in.  It is not a bad thing to fall short of a chosen goal.  I assure you that when you fall short you have accomplished something toward the goal.  The point is without the goal you would not even accomplish as much as you had in missing the goal.  I have set the same goal year after year and eventually I was able to achieve it however each year I developed the skill or knowledge to be able to accomplish the goal.
Make 2014 the best year of your life by writing down your goals and reviewing them every day.  You will be amazed at the results you achieve regardless of where you work or what the economy is like.
This will be our last posting for 2013.  Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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