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“Single invoice factoring allows us the flexibility to choose which invoices we want to factor during the month, if any at all,” according to the painting contractor.

“This allows us to grow our business without worrying about additional payroll costs prior to funding, which can be 90 days on a new job,” he continued. “It can be especially important on prevailing wage jobs where payroll costs skyrocket.”

Texas Based Painting Contractor

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“By using SIF, my company has been able to reduce cash flow restrictions, which has allowed us to increase volume by 20% over the last 12 months. We would not be able to take all of the contracts on without having SIF in place.

Capstone has been flexible and accommodating to my specific business needs and I am never not knowing what to do. I am extremely happy with the service, and I would recommend to other businesses that want to gain cash flow quickly.”


Woman-Owned Construction Firm
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“Before our relationship with Capstone our company was faced with the financial obstacle of most small contracting business face at the time of growth. Our capital was not enough to take on the demand of our largest client. We tried to work the private monies of investors only to find the time to set up the transaction would not work within the time lines need to produce the work to fulfill our task of work in a timely manner.

Capstone enabled us to take over another contractor’s territory due to their lack of performance. Now we are the contractor of choice for HSLLC to handle Houston and Beaumont Texas. We are also at this time being considered to handle the San Antonio projects for HSLLC as well. “

Minority Owned Construction Firm

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Capstone wants your business to take full advantage of the opportunities (or use projects) available through the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act recently signed into law.



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